Light at the End of the Tunnel…


I got a letter in the mail this morning telling me to call FMCSA to get through the last phases of getting my authority.  When I called, I got instructions on what to expect next, and also was able to verify that my name change went through.


Then I made the call to the insurance company, who will post my info to the FMCSA folks as soon as they can.  (They checked but the changes haven’t shown up yet on the website they use, and they’ll call me when they do and everything is done.)

Now it’s just a matter of waiting for the official paper document giving me authority to get back to work.  And if this letter follows the pattern of all other correspondence from FMCSA, it should be here within a couple of days.  For some reason their letters are always here PDQ.

Oh, another thing about talking to the folks at FMCSA, each and every person I’ve spoken with there has been extremely professional and very good to deal with.  They must have rules against hiring crabby people.  Either that, or it’s such a good job those folks are actually happy to be there.

I spent some more time today taking new pics of my truck and trailer with my own numbers on it, ran to town for a few things un-trucking related, and came home to work more on my filing system.  I think I have everything ship-shape for my start-up.

Of course, I’ll be audited sometime in the next 18 months for compliance and safety, so keeping up with the paperwork will be super important as I won’t know when it will happen until they decide I’ve amassed enough records to audit.

After all that, I spent a good while working on a flyer to take to local manufacturers, made a list of brokers, and generally checked around for potential work to get me going.  I can’t do anything until I have that paper license in my hand, but dang it, I’ll be ready to roll when it gets here!

I also broke down and got a little fax machine yesterday, if I didn’t mention that before.  It’s a necessity for sending in my paperwork when setting up with new clients.  And this morning I ordered a second phone line to go with it.

So I think I’m just about as ready as I can get, with one exception… I have to find someone locally who is qualified to do an annual inspection on my rig, as not having that done can be a big problem down the road at audit time.

I suppose the time it took waiting was valuable to me as down-time to get all of the paperwork done right and filed correctly.  It was pretty time consuming and without this down-time I would have had to work on it whenever I was home and could grab an hour or two to get it done.  Which might have led to rushing through it or doing it wrong, also a bad thing come audit time.

At any rate, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and man, I’m really happy that this process is just about finished.  I need to get back to work!


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