Stuck in Red Tape Limbo…


Why am I screaming, you might well ask.  Because I’m stuck in RED TAPE LIMBO.

Seven days ago I put in for a minor name change on my authority application.  Ok, that was pretty easy, all automated and such.

After 4 days of waiting, I called FMCSA to find out what the hold up was.  Evidently they showed no record of the name change request.  So I faxed over the info.  And have been dinged twice for the $14 buck change fee.  Ok, I can take that, but still no name change.

To complicate matters, my insurance company can’t issue my policy forms until the name change goes through or they’ll be rejected and have to be re-done.

So I’m stuck.

Today the FMCSA told me it may take 10 days for the change to go through.  So here I sit, waiting once again.  So I have to keep checking the website and only when the name change has been updated can I call my insurance carrier to have them submit my insurance info to the FMCSA, and only after that is all completed can I get my license sent out.  And only when I have that license in hand, can I really start looking for customers.

Did I say I’m impatient and hate waiting?  I am, and I do.  But there’s nothing else to be done but suck it up and take it like a man.  And I’m trying…

The only silver lining to this dark cloud is that I am good to run in Oklahoma only.  No crossing state lines until the whole enchilada is through.



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