Jumping in With Both Feet…

Now that my D.I.V.O.R.C.E. from my former carrier is final, (yep, it went pretty well, no yelling or anything ugly) I’ve taken the final plunge into the world of dealing with painfully slow governmental agencies again and have made some progress.

After spending 4 hours in the waiting room at the Oklahoma Corporation Commission I was able to walk out with my Oklahoma MC authority license and my IFTA stickers.  The stickers are just another way for the good old government to tax you, but they are a necessary evil.  If you don’t have them, you do have to stop at every state line weigh station and buy a temporary tax permit.

I got hit with one of those in Kansas after replacing my banged up door as I forgot completely that the old sticker went in the scrap heap along with the door it was affixed to, and it cost me $13.  Not a fortune, but an un-necessary expense.  It did not matter to the DOT dude that I did have the other sticker on the other door on the other side of the truck.  Nope.  Gotta have one on each side or pay the piper.  So I did dutifully purchase my own stickers and am now fully sticker-ed.

You would think that would suffice, but no.  I am waiting now for the federal guys to get my authority finished.  They approved it, but my insurance has not yet posted due to a minor name change for my company.  Hopefully that will happen early next week so I can get on with the business of running my business and stop sitting here staring at the computer screen and checking the FMCSA site every 10 minutes to see if the changes have posted yet.

I’m being overly obsessive.

So there is nothing left to do paperwork wise, except e-mail off info to get my drug testing consortium started and my factoring account set up.  Which will all happen once the final authority is granted and in my hot little hand.  Until then I am just cooling my heels and waiting.

You would think I’d be used to this routine already.  And I guess I am.  Although I’m still feeling impatient, I’m not as antsy as I was the first go-round.  At least this time I understand that the wheels turn very slowly and have been actually pleasantly surprised at how quickly things have come together this far.

I guess I’ll just have to amuse myself by changing my oil and doing a few maintenance things on the truck and trailer, and pick up some necessary office stuff that is required by the DOT for my carrier paperwork.

If it still isn’t ready by the time all of that is finished, maybe I’ll start stressing a little.  But for now it’s all good.  With a little luck maybe I’ll get legal enough to book my first post-divorce load and get busy making some income.

At any rate, I sure hope so!



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