Spring is on the Way

I just finished reading an update on our recently freezing weather pattern, and the experts say that we’re going to get dramatically warmer over the next few days.  Happily, they also say that the jet stream pattern we were stuck in has shifted, and we should get no more storm bundles like we’ve been getting.

All I can say to this is… Yippee!

I’m expecting the truck to be repaired and ready to roll by tomorrow, and hoping for a new load on Saturday.  Should be smooth sailing weather-wise and I’m starting to get antsy to get moving again.

I think now that the weather has broken we should get busy.  And I’m looking forward to it.

Not that home time hasn’t been good, in fact it’s been great.  Lots of good ‘real’ food, a lot of rest, and time to catch up on reading and tv.  But let’s face it, I got in this business to make some money (hopefully enough to finish our home remodel before next winter sets in!!) and I am ready to get back out there and get after it.



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