Diesel Prices Just Keep Rising…

Am I the lone observer out here watching as diesel keeps going up, and up?   What gives?

Three weeks ago I fueled up for 3.09 at home and paid 3.23 in Kansas.  Two weeks ago it was 3.19 here and 3.40 in Colorado.  Today it’s 3.29 here, and heaven only knows how much it is in the higher priced states.

Something is going on and it stinks as far as my bottom line is concerned.  If it goes much higher all I’ll be doing even with good hotshot pay is buying fuel.  If these prices don’t stop going up, I’ll have to forgo food altogether, and cut out cheap motels and pitch a tent or something for my 10 hours off duty.  I’m not kidding, this is really starting to hurt.

And where are all of the trucking companies who should be screaming to high heaven about this surge in fuel prices?  I haven’t found one notation anywhere in print or on the internet where anyone is saying anything.  This has to be hurting their bottom lines as much as it’s working me over.  What the devil is going on?

If anyone ‘out there’ has any idea, please feel free to clue me in.


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