Big Band-aids and a New Neck…

Well, after everything I put the poor truck through this week, I’m happy to say that, although we haven’t fixed the door yet, I did put some big ol’ band aids on it.  And it looks happier than it did before my crude first-aid treatment was administered.  And it also had a nice bath, which made it look better immediately!

The trailer has a new neck post and is back in service.

And I’m trying not to waste too much time being mad over the loose hitch ball that I believe caused all of this mayhem in the first place.

Even though the installation guys screwed it up by a) not welding it, b) saying it was welded when it wasn’t, c) by not telling me they didn’t weld it, and d) by not even bothering to tighten it up correctly, which caused it to loosen up with my trailer in tow…….

(I am mad but like I said, I’m trying not to be…, besides, I did take the word of the guys who installed it and didn’t actually crawl under there to inspect it to see that they had done it right.  Huge lesson learned!)

So overall, the tab for the damage will total up to just over 2800 bucks, once we get the truck repairs done.  And that will have to wait for cash to cover the bill, and three days of down time for the shop to get it fixed up.

In the meantime, I’ll be back out there this weekend with another load, band-aids and all.  I pick it up Saturday morning bright and early.

Cross your fingers for me, I hope to high heaven everything is covered this time!

And yes, I actually watched our shop guy fix the trailer and weld the ball in place with my own eyes.  Never again will I ask a man if something has or has not been done because taking their word this time could have cost me my life.

I won’t trust it until I check it for myself.



2 thoughts on “Big Band-aids and a New Neck…

  1. You can imagine the questions from J. as to what happened and how you handled the situation. Just glad it wasn’t worse, or at speed.

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