One Last Detail, Then I’m Off!

BB is working on hooking up my additional diesel tank as I type.  That, and only that, is holding me up as far as taking my first load.  As soon as he gives me the go-ahead, I’ll make that call.

This past weekend BB actually made me custom running boards!  They’re pretty sharp.  And really help with that leap into the cab we were dealing with before.  My XM radio got here last night and is working fine, BB got the CB hooked up, and even mounted me a back-up cam on the bed so I can zero in on the trailer hitch.  I don’t think a person could have more technology at their fingertips in a work truck if they tried!

Yes, I know, I’m a very lucky girl!  I even went and washed the truck (finally!) yesterday as it warmed up enough to do so without freezing up.  So not only is it well-equipped, it looks clean too.

It was interesting waiting all weekend and half of this week to get my apportioned tag application approved.  Not quite as painful as I thought it would be with eveything else we were doing.  I took the paperwork in last Thursday and yesterday afternoon I got the call that the tag had been approved and I could pick it up.

So this morning was a little dash up to OKC for the tag and cab card, a stop on the way back to get the trailer tag, and now just waiting on the extra tank.

I’m so ready that it’s ridiculous.  My bag is packed and the truck is loaded with all of the required stuff.  The only thing left to do now is wait and make the call  to dispatch.  Which I hope to be able to do here in a couple hours.

With any luck at all, I’ll be off and running in the morning!


2 thoughts on “One Last Detail, Then I’m Off!

  1. Sounds great Sue. Good luck on your new adventure and I’m sure you’ll be posting your progress. You are lucky to have someone as supportive as BB, especially with his skills to work on your rig. Try to post a pic of your 1st haul. And regarding that radio, don’t forget to look up that trucking channel I mentioned.

  2. Thanks Joe, Yes, BB is a very supportive and a pretty handy guy to have around! I’ll try to get that pic, and already have the channel programmed on the XM tuner! Can’t wait till I have some ‘road stories’ to share!

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