A Whole Lot of Whining Going On…

Reading back through my recent posts I suddenly realized how much whining I’ve been doing!

Granted, the snafu’s and frustrations of doing any business start-up are just inherently whine-inducing.  But there are other points I’ve been failing to talk about here.  So I have to post to correct this error…

Backtrack one and a half years.  I was sitting home recovering from an injury that ended my last career and pouting.  Somewhere in the healing process I started thinking about what I was going to do with the rest of my life when it occurred to me that I love driving, always had an interest in driving big trucks, and that maybe I should check into doing that for my new livelihood.

I was planning originally to start school last year but that got sidelined by prior commitments to my old job.  I actually had to put school on the back burner because I was ordered back to my old stomping grounds to testify in a trial.  Which overlapped with the starting week of school. And there was no negotiation on attendance, let’s just say.

Judges don’t necessarily consider plans of witnesses in trial scheduling.  So I just had to bite the bullet and go testify.  Which, all in all, I wanted to do anyway.  The bad guy in that particular case really, really needed to be tried.  Happily for society, the jury sent him away for a very long time… but I’m wandering…

After that, I sort of let it lie for a while and didn’t really get serious about getting started until this summer when it occurred to me that time was a’waistin’ and I was finally really feeling good.  It was just the right time to get busy starting over.  So off I went.

Well, sort of… Ironically I got subpoenaed to the local courthouse to serve as a juror two weeks before school was scheduled to start.  And I got held over for those two weeks while they filled jury seats for other cases.  Odd coincidence, that!  But ultimately it did work out and I got the blessing from the local judge to leave on time for school.

Fast forward… This is where most of the whining has come into play.  After school, as you probably already know if you’ve been reading my blog, I got real busy real fast trying to get the business set up.

What I’m not sure if I made clear or not is how strangely all of this has come together.  This is how it happened…

While I was at school, BB had an air conditioning job (he is a HVAC contractor) and met some nice folks who live nearby our little digs.  As luck would have it, the gent he met had recently started his own trucking company, and through him, a referral was made introducing me to his broker/carrier.  He got started with a 1 ton pickup hauling cars, and after a little over a year had saved up enough to buy himself a nice ‘new to him’ tractor.

Now, I had been sweating bullets worrying about where to go to work once school was over.  Most of the big companies just didn’t offer the right combination of pay and home time for my particular circumstances, and I also have to admit right here, after years of toeing the line and following the rules as a cop, I was feeling a little bit like getting into a job with just a little more freedom from micromanagement.

After talking to this gent and his wife (now friends I have to add) I realized that if I could pull it off somehow, following the route he took might just work for me and BB.  Which brings me back around to the business start-up and whining.

Which isn’t really fair, the whining, I mean.

All things considered, and even dealing with the bloated, snail-like lack of speed of some government entities, it hasn’t been all frustration and cloudy skies.

We really have accomplished a whole lot in a short amount of time, working around holiday schedules, long distance shopping for equipment, filling out and sending off innumerable forms to innumerable governmental agencies, and just wrapping our brains around everything that has to be done before I can get that first load.

Even yesterday was productive in ways apart from dealing with the tax people.  I did get my pre-hire drug test out of the way, and we found a great deal on a tool box/diesel tank combo for the truck which we grabbed up and carted home.  Plus we got to eat out, which we really needed after chasing paper all day and missing lunch entirely.

Current waiting excluded, and being realistic, I have to admit that this whole process is actually moving along.  Not, perhaps, as fast as I want it to, but then again, I’m not the boss of everyone involved.

It probably behooves me to remember that!  And to cut the whining down to a bare minimum.

So while I wait for my apportioned tag application to go through, I’m going to keep reminding myself how much we have accomplished in such a short period of time.

And ponder how all of this has come together, as if it was meant to happen this way.  Which really is the startling point I’ve been missing in my posts.  I mean, everything has fallen into place pretty painlessly.  School.  Finding a carrier willing to put me to work.  Finding the right equipment at the right price.  Almost like I’m following some sort of plan that I didn’t initiate myself, but that is keeping things moving in the right direction.

With that in mind, today I’m going to try not to sweat the small stuff, like waiting on government paper stampers to do their thing.  They’ll do it when they get in next week, and I just need to cultivate a little patience.

I think I’ll do a little more shopping for the last of the stuff I’ll need, maybe make a pan of fudge for the ‘company’ holiday party to which BB and I were invited (I take this as a very good omen regarding working with my new leasing motor carrier) and when the light is good, taking those long-promised pictures of the new truck and getting them posted on here.

Yeah, even though I’m an impatient little imp, life really is good.  That’s the part I really need to remember!


2 thoughts on “A Whole Lot of Whining Going On…

  1. When you put it that way… yes, everything’s lined up in your favor.

    I do understand the “I want to get out there and haul NOW” … that eagerness is what will keep you ahead of the game.

    Congratulations on figuring it out so well. Isn’t it nice?

  2. Yep, I’m antsy to get going! I have to pay for this fancy stuff somehow 😀

    And I’m not sure I figured it out, but thanks! Somehow these things just seem to work out if they’re going to, and if they’re not it’s usually early in the game that it’s obvious.

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