Dealing with Bureaucracy Pains Me!

Oh my, what a day!

Let me just warn anyone starting a trucking business that the paperwork can be the most frustrating part of the entire ordeal.  Case in point…

Apportioned tags.  Sounds simple, right?  As well it should be.  But no, no, no, it is anything but!  Now, you don’t apparently just go strolling in to the tag office to get these babies.

It is a long drawn out process that starts with mandatory filling in of at least three forms, gathering documents to support just about everything one can imagine regarding the vehicle to be registered, the paperwork the owner has already filed with the federal government, residency documents not only for the owner, but for the business entity as well (which they omitted telling me, by the way,) leases for equipment, office space, well, just about everything but the kitchen sink.

Once gathered, off we go to the city with our files in tow.  Not too bad of a drive, but over an hour for sure.  Find the office.  Trudge up to the 3rd floor, enter the little office and … wait.

Once I signed in it was quite a while before anyone even asked me if I needed help.  There were several people in the office, but the only person working on IRP paperwork was somewhere in the back.  When he finally came out, he abruptly told me he needed to see my documents, which I tried to get out in front of him, but then he walked away.  He kept coming back and occasionally told me which document to get out next, which I did, then he would leave again.

Turned out he was the only one there on the last day before the holiday.  And from the looks of him, he really would have liked to not have been there at all.

We played that cat and mouse game for about an hour I suppose, me pulling out documents and placing them on the counter, him running past and either telling me what the next needed paper was, or simply ignoring me and doing other things.

In the middle of this, he asked me for my lease.  I had already given him 2 leases, and then he clarified he needed my office lease, not equipment leases.  Sheesh!  This was not one of the documents listed on the “Make sure you have all of the required paperwork checklist” posted for the office.  So I said, nicely (although I swear I was starting to get a little grumpy inside,) “Well sir, that was not on the list of documents I was told to bring, so I don’t have that with me.”

I got a very cold look from him at that point.  I thought we were probably done and would be sent home to get the missing paperwork that I was not told to bring in the first place.  But instead, he wandered off for a while and when he came back, he said, “Here, write a lease for me.”  So I did.  (Perfectly legal, I’m leasing it to me as confusing as that sounds.)

And another note I had to dash out stating that I was me.  More or less anyway.  Strange stuff indeed…

So he disappeared again and returned after a few minutes with a little packet of papers clipped together.  “Take this down to the cashier on the first floor and then bring the paperwork from her back to me.”  No other explanation.  So I did as instructed.

Which opened an entirely new can of worms.  The dealership where we bought the truck failed to give us the one precious piece of paper that would allow us to start the registration process.  So I called said dealership and spoke to a lady there who advised me that “they don’t do business that way,” whatever in the holy moleys she meant by that, but I did manage to persuade her to fax that piece of paper to the cashier.  It was obvious by her tone that she didn’t like doing it, but to her credit, she bit the bullet and faxed it over.

Once that was received by the cashier, I wrote out a huge check for taxes on the truck and handed it over.  She handed me back a registration card.  I toted it back upstairs to the poor guy at the counter as instructed.  He then told me to go wait outside, which I did.

Not two minutes later, he came back out with the same piece of paper I just gave him, handed it to me, and then told me that someone would review my application in a few days.

Nice.  A few days is not what I needed to hear.  I needed to get my hands on a tag for my truck so I can roll!

Oh, and the same man advised me that it is illegal to drive my truck with the temporary tag that is now on it.  I called him on that one, and he relented a little and said it was ok for personal use, but not for work.

Great.  Now, not really trusting too much in what this gent does or does not know, I have dug through all of the traffic laws in this state.  Maybe he’s right, maybe not.  It’s ambiguous in the traffic laws.  The only things I can find are vague, such as, “properly registered” vague.  And since it’s yet another holiday I will probably be unable to find anyone of authority to ask for the actual accepted definition of properly registered.

I have about two choices right now on how to take this possible “who knows how long” delay if they have me over a barrel, as far as I can tell.  Suck it up and take it like a man, or go ahead and beat my head on a rock until the aggravation fades away.

I think I need to ponder my choices.  Talk to y’all later.

Oh, P.S.  Due to this aggravating and time-eating process pics have to wait until tomorrow.  Boo.





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