Almost Ready to Roll…

It seems like it’s been a very long two months since I first started driving school.  A lot has happened since then and our days have been filled with all of the chores involved in getting a business started.

School itself was time consuming, but I did learn a lot and made some friends.  And I found out last night when we got home with the trailer I actually retained my backing skills, which is pretty great.

Then there has been the flurry of hunting down the right equipment which has taken most of this month.  Some of this has been frustrating, some slower than we hoped, but we’re finally finished with the big stuff.

We have almost everything in place.  Truck, check.  Trailer, check.  Emergency equipment, check. Not much left now but small details.  Today we get tags on truck and trailer, get all of the straps, chains, boomers, and such I’ll need, and get the truck signage put on.

With that in mind I better cut this short and get busy!  With a little luck I’ll be out hauling by the end of this week!


4 thoughts on “Almost Ready to Roll…

  1. Hi Sue,
    Looks like you’ve been busy.
    Hey, I don’t know if you have Sirius radio but I found an interesting channel totally devoted to owner operators in the trucking industry. It’s on the entertainment channel 147, called Road Dog. They have commentaries on running a lean business and what mistakes to avoid which would result in lost profits. For example, they spoke about GPS systems and listed one by Rand McNally (Thomas Guide publishers) as one of the best out there. As for accounting, Quicken was hands down as for as keeping track of expenses due to its simplicity. Quickens now has an online accounting program which you can access from anywhere in the country. One of the positive aspects was that it automatically updated any new features. The downside is that their is a monthly service fee.
    One of the guest speakers has a site called which also has very useful information for owner operators. Just throwing it out there.
    Are you going to post a pic of that beautiful Dodge 5500?

  2. Hello Joe!

    Funny you would mention Sirius, I just sent off for my radio! Hopefully it will get here before I leave out on the first trip. I’m definitely going to have to listen to that channel… I have tons to learn and it sounds relatively painless learning at least some of it by listening as I drive!

    You know, I have Quicken but never have used it much. I’ll probably get more used to it I suppose as time goes on. Oh, and I have an old Tom Tom that’s been pretty good, but to be on the safe side I never trust it without a map confirmation from a good atlas (it has it’s quirky side) and have a new trucker’s atlas also on the way.

    It’s insane, all of the little details involved in this start-up! I have lists upon lists of ‘gotta-dos’ that are slowly but surely getting checked off.

    Oh yeah, the pics are coming! We got the signs on it yesterday, and today have to get the tags… then off to the car wash, then pics! I should be posting them this afternoon unless the tag office takes all day.

  3. Hello I have a small question maybe soomnee from this blog can answer it .once you become a freight broker how do you find your customers (shippers)? Are there special Loadboards for brokers?Thank you.

    • I’m no specialist on that particular topic, but my best guess is that you can subscribe to load boards just like a carrier would, but I don’t see how that would help you much since it’s brokers who post the loads on the boards. I think you need to find customers who need however xxxx many trucks you have available and work it from that end.

      Anyone else have any better info?

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