Hurry Up and Wait…

I’ve never been exactly good at waiting.  In fact, I’m downright impatient most of the time.  I see something that needs doing and I just have the urge to do it.  Not to sit and ponder it, or think about how to do it, I normally just get it done.

Why?  Because it makes me crazy to sit and think about doing things.  I would rather just do them than have the stress of worrying over them not getting done.

But I was starting to get better at waiting.  A little, anyway…however…

The past week with Christmas has put me in a holding pattern, like a little buzzing plane, just zipping around in the sky waiting around for the opportunity to land.  And I have a lot left to do for the business that I can finally get started doing now that this holiday has passed.  But I have to sneak a lot in before New Years holds me up again.  So in a way I’m in a short footrace against time.  And I don’t like to lose races of any stripe!

So this morning I woke up early and started making some progress.  I had a couple of things I could handle by phone once the clock hit 7 am.  I got those done.  Then we were supposed to go pick up a trailer.  And then time started standing still.  By the time we were all ready to go, it was too late to start.  The trailer joint closes at 3.  AT 3!

So… we found another likely candidate closer, at Wichita Falls.  Sounded good, so we ran down and checked it over.  Well… not such a likely candidate after all.  So we have to start over in the morning and get out early to see the other one.

All of this fitzing around and wasting time is making me insane.  I hate waiting just about more than any other annoyance a person can throw at me.  And I’ve had it.  I just want to get a darned trailer and get moving already!

Of course my impatience is even wearing thin at this point.  I mean, how freaking hard should it be to find a 40′ trailer for sale at a stupid trailer dealer?  Well, I’m here to tell you, it’s a whole lot harder and completely more frustrating and inconvenient than it should be!

So I guess until tomorrow proves worthwhile and the trailer turns out to be the right one, I’m just going to have to continue to hurry up and wait.  Some more.

Which puts me in mind of an old poster from the 70s that pretty much sums it up… two vultures sitting on a fence.  One turns to the other and says, “Patience my ass, I wanna kill something.”  Yeah.  That’s just about where I’m at in this whole game.


2 thoughts on “Hurry Up and Wait…

  1. The trailer place closes at 3? What were they before? A bank? Sheesh. That’s just silly, not to mention counterintuitive to business.

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