Run Ragged…

I knew that starting a business and new career would require a lot of footwork.  And time.  And energy.  So I’m not complaining…But I will definitely be happy when all of this running is finished and I can just concentrate on work!

It seems like it’s been an awfully long process just getting to this point.  I mean, the time at school, getting my CDL, the weeks spent truck shopping, the anxiety over getting the right truck for the job, looking at trailers, flat beds, online for all of the other stuff we can’t get here.  It’s been sort of exhausting.

BB and I spent the last two days running like bad dogs.  We went to Broken Arrow and found the perfect truck, which turned out to be a 2011 Dodge Ram 5500.  We also got it at a great price; they had about 45 of the things on the lot and needed to move them.  Then we came back, did some paperwork, (watched the lunar eclipse too!) and today cruised around collecting various necessary items, such as insurance and safety equipment.

Tomorrow we have an appointment to get the flat body put on the truck, so we have yet another day of running around getting various things done.  And we still have to choose a trailer!

But all in all, it’s been just about as painless as this sort of thing can be I suppose.  The truck is in the driveway, I have all of my paperwork ready to print out, and a binder with sleeves to put the necessary documents in, and I think (and hope!) I have all of my i’s dotted and t’s crossed.

I still have to get my truck tags, a few more safety items, and some things for the truck.  It doesn’t have running boards yet, and those are going to be a complete necessity.  It’s a long jump up into that cab even for me, and even a longer jump down!

Plus I have to get the truck set up, get my radio in it, stickers on it, and all of the little stuff that still has to be done.  I haven’t even started getting all of that together yet and probably won’t be able to until after Christmas is over.  But we’re getting there.

With a little luck I may be able to get started actually working around the 2nd week in January!  I can’t wait!


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