The Paperwork is Flyin’ – Applying for DOT Authority

I spent the greater part of the day beginning my paperwork to get my own authority.  I knew going in that it would be a flurry of forms, as is anything where the government is involved.

There were the federal forms for the DOT numbers, the hazmat forms for permits, and I still have multiple state forms to do tonight and tomorrow.

That said, it wasn’t too bad.  Getting started was just fairly time consuming and a little tedious, but it was not in any way difficult.  I now have my own DOT and MC numbers, which will not be active until I finish filing stuff and get my insurance lined out and get my info back to the feds for confirmation.

My one minor frustration of the day was a website with non-functioning forms that should have been easy to submit online.  (The Unified Carrier Registration forms, or UCR.)

BB and I were debating the necessity of me even going the motor carrier route.  And came to the conclusion that it would be very beneficial.  The reasoning behind this decision was two-fold… with my own authority I can make more of the profits from hauling as a leased O/O, and I will have the flexibility to haul my own loads when my hiring carrier hasn’t got anything for me.

Something you need to know is that there are fees for almost all of the various forms.  $300 for the DOT number, another $75 to file with all of the 48 states if you’re going interstate (total, not to each state,) and about $275 for your federal carrier hazmat permit.

I’m sure the state forms will each have a fee attached as well, but hopefully these will be a little cheaper than the federal level stuff.

Well, that’s my update for today.  I better get back to work and start printing out those forms.


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