To Scream or Not to Scream…

Hello, hello frustration!

I have a job lined up…. conditionally…. and it’s making me crazy and in turn I’m making BB crazy.

Here’s the scoop.  I got a referral from a friend to a local trucking company.  Went in first thing this morning and filled out an ap.  Then was told that they just hired some driver (ok, it was fair, he got there before I did by at least a week) sooooooo…. I decided to ask if they had anything for hotshots.  That sort of perked up their interest.  Then when they asked if I had hazmat, and I said, “yeah!” they really started acting like I was actually a human of value.

Thing is, I got a call from the owner of the company.  I have a job waiting.  And I can use my F250. …  Well, sort of…

Here’s the problem.  According to accepted hotshot wisdom, the Ford will not hold up to the abuse.  Why?  Because it does not have a Cummings diesel motor.  And because it’s not a Dodge Ram.  Now that seems simple.  But is conventional wisdom correct?  I had to question it, being me.

So I checked  it out.  Now, to be  fair, I gave Dodge a chance to impress me back before we bought this Ford.  We knew we wanted another truck but wanted to try a Dodge because of the price difference at the time.  And because Dodge owners seem happy with their trucks.  So  we rented a DR 1500 for vacation and tried it out.  I mean, really tried it, not just a test drive around the block.

What I discovered during that trip was that the DR which was brand new, by the way, was a noisy, rattling piece of poorly constructed plastic junk in comparison to our Fords.  I’m not trying to be mean  here, it truly was just an inferior product as far as the interior, trim, and comfort went.

I have to give credit where it is due though, it ran great.  So they’re junky trucks in my opinion, with great engines.  I hate them.

Back to my story… I know from studying the GCWR’s on various trucks that a DR will not haul any more weight (as recommended by the manufacturer) than my F-250.  This is fact.  Numbers do not lie.

Ok, numbers don’t, but I admit I lied.  The DR (Cab & Chassis) is rated for 3000 lbs. more than my little F-250.  That’s it.  And in the world of cargo, a ton and a half is a drop in the bucket.

So, it seems that these particular light duty trucks are not so different, except in the eye of the beholder.  And apparently in the hotshot biz, DR is king.

Now anyone who has priced a DR lately knows that they are more costly than a brand new Caddy with all the bells and whistles.  And they are still big, overpriced chunks of doo doo.  (I’m keeping it clean for the kids.)

They are no more built to drag around 30,000 lbs give or take of trailer and cargo than any other pickup.  Light duty pickup.  Because that is what they are, F-250’s, Dodge Ram 3500’s and all.  Light duty trucks.

I have mushed out my brain studying  the differences between light and medium duty trucks.  This much I have learned… the DR will not now, or ever, unless it is re-designed, out-haul the biggest of the light duty Ford trucks, the Ford F-550.  Fact.  If you don’t believe me, do your own research.  I’m too aggravated to either argue or explain.

So my problem begins.  I need a Ford F-550.  Desperately.  And I would much, much rather have a 2010 than the new 2011.  Why?  Economics.  I know without a doubt that there has to be at least one 2010 F-550, 4×4, diesel, crew cab out there that is sitting on a lot somewhere in America just waiting to be purchased.

The trick is finding one.  Therein lies the trouble, my friends, finding one.

Did you know that you can find virtually any other vehicle made, on some obscure dealer’s lot in some obscure town with a population not exceeding 12?  But not the Ford F-550!  It is a travesty!  And it is giving me a headache.

Sooooooo,,, I put out feelers.  You know the ones, dealer solicitations so they will start calling you when one of the critters is somehow magically located?  And guess what?

I got back 3 emails saying that now dealers all over this fine land are looking for just the perfect F-…. wait for it…. F- friggin’ 350 for me.  Not the F550 I am relatively certain I listed, but a little F350.  Sheesh…

I don’t know whether to laugh, cry, scream, or just give up and go to bed.


2 thoughts on “To Scream or Not to Scream…

  1. Auto dealers have the perennial optimist’s outlook: It may not be what you’re looking for, but I can damned sure sell you one of whatever I’ve got! (I’m surprised some haven’t come to you with the Dodge as an option!) Hang in there.

  2. Ha! Yep, I’m expecting a flood of dealers phoning in today with various inappropriate options 😀
    I can hear it now, “I have this great Mini-Cooper that is just what you need!”

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