Fait Accompli…

It’s official.  I have the CDL, the graduation certificate, my transcript, the class picture, and yes, even a hat.  (haha, K, you called that one!)

What a ride!  Would I recommend Central Tech to someone considering driving?  Oh Yeah!  Get that, Central Tech, Drumright, Oklahoma.  I just want to make sure you got that…

Even I thought I might be a little nuts to start truck driving school at my advanced age.  (Ok, I know I’m not that old, but still! There was that “teaching an old dog new tricks” thing…)  I honestly had my doubts.  And concerns.  And a teeny bit of fear, the old unknown, you know, that I bludgeoned down with my work boot real good before leaving for Drumright the first time.

But all that aside, I’m so glad I just held my breath and jumped in with both feet!  This has to have been one of the most interesting and fun experiences I have ever had in the educational arena.  And I’m so glad it was 99.9% positive.  I have to say that because of the nightmare experience I had going through the police academy in ’01.  That is another story entirely and not one of my favorite memories.  So suffice it to say that I am so exceedingly happy that Central Tech was a great experience.

I have to say that the instructors at CT are just about the best I could imagine.  They really do care about teaching you how to do things safely, and correctly.  The whole program was fast paced enough to really be challenging, but help was always just a radio call away if you got stuck or needed some pointers.  I just can’t say enough good things about the entire staff at CT.  They’re very professional, all very cool-headed, and they really understand how to get the information and skills across to even a novice like me.

The bottom line is that I went in completely ignorant of anything to do with semi-tractors and trailers, and I came out feeling competent enough (and judged to be so through thorough testing!) to be able to drive any big truck safely.  I think that’s pretty neat!

Anyway, I’m going to relax this evening.  And ponder my future as a driver.  My husband told me there is a local company that might want to hire me, putting the hotshot thing on the back burner for a while… I still have a lot to learn so this might be a great opportunity for ‘continuing my education’ and getting some hands-on experience before taking on all the responsibility of running a business. It appears I have a lot to think about!

Whichever way we decide to go with this, I can’t help but think this is the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time.  I just feel great!

I'm the one with the big hair....


8 thoughts on “Fait Accompli…

  1. Congratulations! (and glad I was right about the hat… heh)

    Those moments when we acknowledge doubt and fear and just live through ’em are the best, once they are over, anyway! My current open-ended decision is another good example of that…But if not now… when? (so… NOW is good.)

    Again, congratulations, and I hope that the possible job works out, if not more power to the hotshot biz!

  2. Thank you, thank you! Yes, those moments are really the very best! I’ll just have to talk to the folks at the trucking company and see what the deal is, then BB and I will have to decide which way to go. It’s all good!

  3. Congratulations on your accomplishment. It’s always good to read about positive outcomes, especially in the trucking industry. Your outlook is simply amazing. Good luck on the potential job close to home. Working for a company and learning everything about it on their expense (in a good way) is a wise choice and from what I’ve gathered so far, you will learn quickly, decide if hot shoting is for you, and if it is I’m sure you’ll be successful.
    Are you going to post your class picture?

  4. Hi Joe!

    Thanks for all of the kind words! Yep, it may be that working out my ‘bugs’ while being paid by someone else is a sensible thing to do for sure. And yeah, I think I can post it….. standby……

  5. Great portrait of you and your classmates! Have you thought of writing about some of the guys you met in class. Perhaps what they did previously and how they ended up deciding on this trade? This country is full of stories about people who have fallen on tough times and are taking on jobs they’ve never before considered.

    Don’t know if your driving home to your husband but here is something for you. Enjoy!
    You’ve probably never heard of this artist, Chris Rea. He was chums with the legendary Mark Knopfler of Dire Straights. Unfortunately, Mark not he, made it big in the U.S.

    • Wow, awesome song Joe! Thanks for sending that along!

      I made it home this afternoon and am sooooo glad to be here! I missed BB and the critters very much!

      I don’t know enough of my classmates stories to write a lot about them; but maybe I can do something with a little snapshot type story for each. We had a little time to talk about stuff but most of the time we were laughing at each other’s little, let’s say, boo boos on the course. Gives me some great food for thought…

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