The End of the Beginning…

It’s been a long month and 3 days.  But it’s also flown past.  Strange mix!

I miss BB and the critter babies and am ready to go home!  Maybe babycat Delilah will stop being mad at me in a week or two.  She’s had her nose out of joint since I left the first week and virtually gave me the cold shoulder when I went home on weekends to let me know just what she thought of Mama leaving her like that!

I spent the past hour packing up my things and getting ready to head home directly after school is out and we’ve officially graduated tomorrow.  Coffee maker, check.  Clothes and stuff, check.  Extra odds and ends accumulated, check.  And double check.  Nothing left that I might overlook in the morning.  I hate leaving things behind, and am a little compulsive about checking.  So check, check, and check again.  Yep, think it’s all squared away.

So… has it been worth the time away from BB and the 4 legged babies?  Yes, in the sense that my mission is accomplished, and, well, no, what is ever worth time away from those you love?  And miss!

But am I glad I did this?  Yes!  I suppose that’s why they say that nothing good comes without some sacrifice.  (I think BB got the short end of that stick though; he’s had everything at home I usually do to contend with while I’ve been awol playing truck driver.)

But overall, yes, this has been a good experience and I learned far more than I expected.  In fact I feel confident that there will not be a truck out there that I won’t be able to drive.  I like that feeling!

Actually I’m not sure what it was I did expect.  To get my CDL, yes, of course.  But beyond that, I think maybe I envisioned it much differently than it has turned out to be.

For one thing, I had no thought of making friends while here.  My mind was all on the business of getting a new way of making a livelihood.  And what do you know?  I did make friends.  All of the people here have been super, and we all ultimately got along in spite of some personality differences.  Overall, it went about as well or maybe even better than one could expect with about a dozen different individuals all thrown in the mix.

I have to mention John here.  He’s a very imaginative, talented guy who was the first to befriend everyone, and the last co-driver I got to work with.  We had a blast yakking the miles away and, John, you can be sure I’ll be in line to buy that best-seller when you get it done!

Wow, the instructors here were all so great.  I guess I expected one instructor and instead we got a dedicated team of great teachers who took a very personal interest in our success.  Every one of these men had great insights and tips which they generously shared with all of us.  They encouraged, taught, motivated, and urged us along.

So I guess this is the end of the beginning.  But I’m pretty certain that it’s not the beginning of the end.  Maybe it’s even a whole new world out there!  At least for me it feels that way.  Right now the possibilities seem endless, and I can’t wait to see what’s around the next corner.



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